Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catching Up: Part 4

Finally!! I've finally caught up on all my bee blocks, phew! I don't know how it happened.... okay do- moving, getting married, and being in 3 different bees was a really baaaaad combination.

I managed to keep only a month or two behind... but it was stressful. I hate having things "to do" that don't get done, it rattles around in my head until I can't stand it anymore.

In the final batch of blocks I did-

Non- wonky log cabins for Margurite in what happen to be two of my favourite colours:)

Then it was a block for Tacha, which she designed. It was a good test for my accuracy skills getting all those points right.

Then it was Marit's lady block.... such a cute idea for a bee block to have it personalized by each member with their names.

With Joyzelle's request for flowers, I decided to go with one of my favourites... Gerbera daisies :)

And finally, Leah asked for a heart block for her daughter- based on this tutorial

And that.... it is, I'm all caught up!

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