Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When a good craft goes wrong...

I was going to keep this crafting disaster to myself, but I figured that blogging is about keeping things real- sharing the good the bad and the ugly. My best friend Sam had her second baby recently... and I wanted to make her something... some thing like this...

A little taggie toy for little Evan to play with, easy peasy right?! Ummm, wrong. In my typical style I didn't bother to do any research online- a smart idea since I have never made one or received one since we don't have kids.

I don't know if I was having a real blond moment or what, but it took me 3 time to get it layered correctly, the first two tries I ended up with the taggies on the inside-- yup you read it right, the first two tries resulted in inside taggies!

Finally (with the help of my mom!) I got the tags arranged correctly, but then I ended up with this awkward looking thing ...

Bah bah baaahh.... Yeah, back to the drawing board for me!

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