Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trolley-ing along

Lots of progress has been made on our poor little trolley..... yup this trolley

with our master plan sorted out, we got to work on all of the necessary prep. Stripping the old finish off the wood...

Replacing the top shelf (it was made of some cheap-o particle board), giving the chrome work a scrub up with some Flitz.

Staining the wood a darker colour... the kinda pee-ish yellow colour wasn't really doing it for us.

Enter a nice thick coat of Minwax Chestnut, a nice warm rich brown, yum. Much better no?!

Add in a new plywood top shelf (hello yummy browness!), and we were ready to get onto the decorative stuff.

After scouting out some full length mirrors at some local big box stores (Wallmart, Zellers, cdn Superstore, Home depot...), I was a bit stunned to discover that they were all about $20 plus.... ummm not so good for le budgette. Then my Mom had a totally inspired moment, and lucked out at our local Sally Ann...

And why you ask was I so excited? check out that price tag..... yup $5.59, booyah!

After taking some measurements of the trolley and the mirror pieces that we had, I quickly realized that the two shelves I was planning to cover in mirror to jazz it up a bit could quickly look very "homemade". Although it is homemade, the plan is that it doesn't look it! So, I whipped up a plan that I hope will look like planned elegance vs. scrappy accidental.

Now it's a question of cutting all the pieces. Thank goodness my Dad's hobby is making stained glass, so he has all the necessary glass cutting (and grinding) tools to make my mosaic shelves a reality.

yeah, sexy glasses, eh?! Safety first at Casa Waffles ;).

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