Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going square-eyed

I know it's been a bit quite around here in the sewing department, but I have been sewing.... I've been working on my master plan. I laid out all of the blocks that I had (done by me and my Eurovision bee buddies), and plotted out how big I wanted the finished quilt to be. After some consulting with H, we decided that it should be big enough for the two of us to cuddle under on the sofa, and could be used on a bed if desired. So, after doing my math based on the block sizes, I realized that a Queen sized quilt was the answer.... gulp! So, I counted up my blocks and realized I was 15 blocks short.

I've found it easiest/quickest, to plan them out in advance so I can cut all the pieces out in advance and then just stitch them together. This way I can get quite a little factory line going of chain pieces bits.

I still have a few blocks to go, and the sashing is on order (Kona Charcoal from here), but already I am loving it. That is a big relief since the thing is gonna be huuuuge!

I've been pondering the quilting plan, and I'm idly pondering whether to hand quilt it... since the winter is almost over (well by the time the top is done the winter will be over!), and hand quilting in the summer is a bit nuts.... I'm wonder if machine quilting is the way to go.


  1. That's going to be amazing! I made Mondrian blocks for a bee and loved the look.

  2. Finally, an update from Crafty Waffles... Sheesh, you'd think in between starting a new, crazy job, and showing me how to bake you'd have tons of time to post! Seriously though, the quilt looks amazing! xoxo

  3. This is amazing.I am trying to make a Mondrian quilt as a gift for my sister.However, cannot figure out how to join the blocks...is there supposed to be a block border for every block. Please leava a message on my blog as a reply .


    1. Hi,

      You can either do:

      1. A sashing between each block - it'll look like lots of smaller "artworks" (this is what mine will be)

      2. Add a matching black line to the blocks- it'll look like 1 big piece of Mondrian art (like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/38640272@N04/5392726179/).

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