Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's in the Bag

With my days as lady of sewing leisure coming to an end, I've been trying to finish up some projects. Something I've been meaning to do for ages was make a bag for my yoga pilates mat.

I checked the web for a tutorial, but in the end just winged it 'cuz a. I was too impatient to spend the time reading a tute. And b. I was using a fabric remanent so I had to improvise to make it work.

As the matt is pretty heavy I wanted to use a thicker, stronger fabric to make sure it would last. I had a sample a nice green and cream print that I had sitting around as it was a rejected candidate for our wedding's table runners.

I had just enough fabric to squeeze out a bag, and I do mean squeeze. No matter how I layed it out, I was a bit shy of length, so I had to add an extra band of fabric (my first excuse to use a french seam, yay for stretching by sewing skills).

I then sewed up the sides, adding in a simple tan webbing band for a carry strap (pilfered from an old, no longer used bag).

By boxing the bottom of the bag, I gave it a bit more definition, and a more fitted look.

And finally a little drawstring closure on the top, and presto, one cute and functional bag for my yoga/pilates mat.

Yes, that little side table is this one, it cleaned up pretty well didn't it!

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