Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feeling Cozy

I left a little tease before the holidays, and here is the big reveal.

These mystery items, were...

Tea cozies! My SIL asked for one for Christmas... and being a DIY-er, I figured why go buy one when I can make one myself. I started out with a simple one, using a colour palette similar to her Bento quilt.
Originally it was just going to be cotton, but the red white and blue came out a bit too "Americana" for this Canuck (and for my Brit SIL I'm guessing, though she might think it Jack related), so I had to think fast.... my solution, was a layered felt flower with a button center on each side.

Layer with insulated batting it's not only reversible, but also should really keep her orange pekoe warm.
However, one was not enough and I had an even more challenging creation floating around in my head...

With my West Coast roots, I embraced my natural surroundings and created a raw edge applique. I love how it turned out, I can't wait to stick it in the wash so that it's extra ruffly and wrinkly.

I made the two sides slightly different, one with a shiny sun, and the other with a dark bird, maybe my friend Tim's crow obsession love is rubbing off on me ;)

I again did the insulated batting, and made it double sided with this adorable grey and yellow print.

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