Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alberta Roadtrip Recap: Part 1- Getting there

So, we've been back from our mini break for a few days and it's about time I fill ya'll in on where we went to.

Our destination was Waterton National Park in southern Alberta.  But as H and I havn't had a holiday just the two of us since our wedding two years ago (eeek... yeah I know it's terrible!) we decided to stretch the trip out and see a bit more on the way.

So, we planned out our trip, and route looked something like this:

As our outbound route took us through the Coastal Range and Rocky Mountains, we had to take a few stops to take in the scenery.

Our first pit-stop was Revelstoke.  H and I both loved this quaint little mountain town, we even indulged in some time fantasizing about setting up a little B&B in one of the adorable Victorian and Mid century homes in the "downtown".

What we also saw which was just too cute was this house below.  The yellow signs in the windows say "Don't tell Tanner, it's a surprise"... it seems that they were doing their own version of a DIY home makeover, there was a whole group busily working at painting the house and re-landscaping the yard.

 Next up were the Rockies, and we couldn't not stop at a few places along the way.

The milky blue waters of Lake Louise- milky because of sediement created by the grinding of the glaciers against the mountains.
And the bright turquoise of Moraine Lake.

Yes, the above is a true reflection of the colour of the lake! It was truly stunning!

After the Rockies, the landscape totally changes as we hit the praries.  Which actually reminded H of Belgium, due to the flat landscape.

 Sigh, I'd forgotten how stunning the big blue skies and miles and miles of wheat fields can be.

H's one big request for the trip was a visit to Drumheller to go and check out the dinosaur museum.

That's H on the toe of the 'worlds largest dinosaur' ...

And with a real dinosaur leg.  The museaum was great, I'd been the there years ago, but even a second visit was facinating.  H was really taken by it all, and spent the rest of our trip turning over rocks looking for fossils. 
As we were already in Drumheller, I included a short stop at the local Hoodoos, although a bit dissapointing in size (hehe that sounded naughier than intended!), they are on the edge of the badlands and offered some stunning scenery.
After that we headed south down to Waterton, pulling into town just after a spectacular prarie sunset

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