Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blowing my Mind

Well, it's official,  I had a visit from "Mike the Door man', and he blew my mind..... no not in that way you sickos!

I had a meeting today at Casa Waffles with a guy from a local door company to discuss our door suituation.  That situation being that our back door glass is starting to "go" and the frame is rotting, and a front door/sidelight combo that I h@te.  so how you ask did that meeting blow my mind?   Weeeeell, it turns out that replacing our front door and sidelights with less f-ugly ones is not the simple task that I thought they were... turns out that the whole opening is 1 unit (ie. door, sidelights and transom windows (yes, my jaw dropped as well!)).  That means it'll be more expensive than I thought, but also means I have free reign to do anything I want in that huuuge space.

Area that will be replaced when we get our new door
Our conversation went something like this:

Mike: ..... and you can then put privacy glass in the transom.
Me: We hate privacy glass, just clear .... wait...we don't want the transom replaced... just the door and sidelites?!
Mike:  You have to, the whole opening is one unit...... (there may have been a 'silly woman" look on his face, but I was too stunned to notice)
Me: So... I can whatever I want in that whole space?
Mike: Yup
Me: So... I could have double doors?
Me: So.... I could make the transom triangular?!
Mike: Yup
Me:  Woah......

Mind blowing I tell ya!  Double doors instead of a single door?! Heck, the door anywhere I want it!! Option to make the transom follow the lines of the roof?!  Seriously...  Shut the front freaking door!!!   Now that gets my creative juices flowing!

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