Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting my Grill on

With Fall and indoor "Fire Season" quickly approaching (vs. outdoor campfire season!), I snuck in a quick fix for our open wood fireplace.
You may remember from earlier posts that our fire grill (screen, spark protector...thingy-a-ma-jigy...) was tres shiny and brassy.  With our original brick colour this was probably fine (for the previous owner)... But, it wasn't us, and with our new and improved charcoal brick, the grill it stuck out like a giant brassy beacon.
So, armed with a can of high heat friendly matt black spray paint, I took that bad boy outside and showed him who was boss.  Lucky for us, the grill part was already black, so it was just the frame I needed to get good coverage on.  After a little light sanding to give the paint something to grip onto, it went from this
To this simple plain dark loveliness (no, the dark patches in the grass are not over spray, they are moss remover stuff as our West Coast environment breeds that stuff like baby rabbits!) 

Mucho better in my books!  With a new fireplace grill thingy setting us back $50 and up, this quick $5 fix was just what the style doctor ordered.  And check it out in action...

It look like it belongs now, no?!  It almost disappears, so the attention is all on the awesome column of dark grey brick... and H's excellent fire making skilz of course!

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