Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Treasures- Summer & Fall 2012

Around these parts we like our treasures.  Coming from a thrifty family, an outing with the majority of my family would include visits to any Sally Ann, Value Village or Re-store's we happen upon strategically plan to "accidently" pass on our way... is pretty common.  Our finds on these trips we call "treasures"- where it came from I do not know, but Treasures they are.   Given the interest shown on my wee survey (which is still open if you havn't done it yet! hint hint), I thought I'd share some of our recent thrifty finds aka Treasures, with the rest of you.
Early in the summer I scored this catherineholm 'Lotus' enamelware saucepan in my favourite aqua/teal colour, lov-ing it (yes, there was finger snapping involved!)!

I scooped it up at my favourite Value Village for a whopping $5.99 (stealthy covetous glances and internal happy dances may have occurred!).  Considering the same pot in (I think) less pretty colours are currently selling for $44-$128 on eBay, I think it was a pretty safe investment!  H gets all antsy when I use it, 'cuz he likes it as well is afraid I'll wreck it, but I figure why just leave it on a shelf? With some care and attention it should have another 50ish years of use still in it.

Next up was this amazing 14' opal cased globe pendant light snagged for just $7.50 from our local Re-Store.  This MCM classic design was last seen parked in our hallway here- Arg, note to self, gotta get this thing hung before it gets damaged!
I'm planning to put this in our kitchen, and have been scouting out a 2nd one.... Dang it but I got a good deal on this bad boy!  I've found the exact same on on Amazon for $119 or a 16" one from Rejuvenation for $240.   I wonder if the lighting gods will smile on me again, or if I'm going to have to suck it up and pay retail. 

This one was H's find, a $1 globe snapped up at the "sketchy" Sally (think dodgy part of town, with piles of stuff you literally have to dig through).  He's joined by my baby globe that I've had for years and years atop our best find...

Our $50 sideboard and hutch via Mr. Craig's List. It's solid wood made, I think, in the 50's/60's, and is the perfect size for our south wall.  The plan was just to use the sideboard as storage and TV stand.  But H liked the hutch part so much that we are going back to the drawing board for the TV placement.  Getting the thing into our Matrix was a feat of contortionist geometry- I'm still not quite sure how we managed it!  Somehow we managed to get it home without anything flying out on the highway!  Still gotta sort out the cable situation, so pretend you didn't see those!
And our latest find on Mr. Craig's List- like it was picked up yesterday by my dear brother kinda latest- is a new to us light fixture for our main bathroom.  Buh buh runway light, hello white and chrome deco-ish gem.  As we are planning a reno to that bathroom we are doing a few cosmetic enhancements to make it less ugly more us.  This $5 future should be a nice face lift that we can happily donate on if it doesn't work with the new look, a win win in our books!

Have you found any treasures recently?   Where are your go to places for treasure hunting?

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