Friday, November 23, 2012

The Real Deal, or Fake it 'till you Make it?!

This year I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, and by that I don't mean snow.  I'm thinking white Christmas tree!  As it looks like we may be hosting ~30 people on Boxing Day for brunch (Dec 26th for any of you non-Canadians or Brits), so I'm thinking this year is the year for something fun and different, and statement worthy.

Growing up we were a real tree family, and as an adult I've always been a real tree kinda gal ( my name's Sarah, and I love pine smell!) .  But... I've been getting the fake itch this year, and although I should be into it for the reduced carbon footprint, and other environmental reasons, yada yada yada.... that is not what is inspiring my to consider the leap to faux, I'm all about the aesthetics baby!  Note: Our tippy tower of Pisa real tree last year showed one of the key cons to real trees!

Cruising the Internet hasn't help this itch, as I'm loving how versatile white trees are, be it tone on tone...

Or with bright pops of colour...


And I'm really loving how they look at night when lit with white lights, almost like they are glowing...... love love love! 


The topper for me in the white tree debate, is how the white is a great backdrop to the ornaments, and lets them be the star that they are.  I also love that by changing the colours of the decorations you can really change things up and tie it into your decor.  Finding this gorgeous image in our living room's colours may have pushed me over the edge into the white tree camp.


 I've seen some reasonably priced options at the big box stores,  so now I have to make the decision on:
  1. Is this a phase that I will grow out/get bored of?
  2. Do I really want to store a honking big tree for 11ish months of the year?
  3. How big do I go, table top sized or a big kahuna?
How about you...  are you on team real or team faux?  For those of you that are fakers, any tips on what I should keep an eye out for when picking one out?   And, do you think we should we go big.... or go home?


  1. Hi - We just joined the 'fake tree' camp this year. Big advantage - I can put it up early and not worry about it becoming tinder dry ready to go up in flames! I'll worry about fitting it back into the box later:) I like the modern look of the white trees but I'd probably get a small one in case I wanted to go traditional one year.
    Many years ago my gram had a silver tree with tiny tea-pot decorations -she was always ahead of her time. Happy tree shopping!!

  2. Hmm... You have good instincts, so I'm sure whatever you choose will be stunning, but I'm just a real tree kinda girl. I also wonder if you might grow out of your white phase, and I'm also curious about how the real vs. fake carbon footprints actually do compare... When you think about the resources used to make fake trees, plus the fossil fuels burned to ship them here, plus the eventual impact when they're discarded, I wonder if they're still the "greener" option...

    (Mainly I wanted to write a comment so that you could be the first visitor to my new little blog... Does this link? Is it private?)



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