Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Furry Peppermint Chocolate Love

Not too much to report around here so this will be a bit of a random post on miscellaneous unrelated recent happenings....
1.  H and I are still plugging away at Operation Wacky Tobacky.  the walls in Part 2 were completed last night, wahoo!  We still need to finish the ceiling in Part 1 (oops!) and trim by Dec 10th (when we are hosting a large group of friends at our place, so it's a self inflicted deadline to get 'er done before the holidays are really in swing).  Here's hoping we have it all wrapped up and our house back to "normal" by then end of the weekend.
2.  The real news is that is that we have a new (temporary?) resident at Casa Waffles....   Meet Nevada:

Surprise! As of Saturday we are fostering a 9lb mini Dachshund named Nevada for a local rescue association.  I've been wanting a dachshund forever, and lucky for me H is totally game.  Our little furry resident is such a doll, so if all goes well may be a new permanent addition to our family. 
She's been a sweet distraction from our painting labours, but neither of us can complain about the delay as she's been such a fun treat.
3.  Around all the painting and dog walking action I managed to get in some test baking for an upcoming cookie exchange (you know... test out new recipes before giving them to 10 strangers!) .  I've actually been bugging my friends for ages to do a Christmas Cookie swap, but they were never really as excited as me (hello, who isn't excited about eating sweet baked goods?! It's crazyness people!). So when a new foodie friend invited me to hers (an annual affair), I wanted to make sure I didn't let the team down (hello, I married a chef- no pressure here to be a culinary whiz!).
The first batch (Ginger Molasses cookies, were "ok"...   But the second recipe, let's just say if I could marry a cookie it might be this one!  Two of my favourite flavours all in one chewy mouthful.... I'm lusting for one even as I type this!
They are Peppermint Brownie cookies.  They even looks delicious no?  I love the white crackle-y surface.  Now to re-create the magic (6 dozen worth) for Sunday's cookie swap!

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