Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wrapping Up for the Cold

With the temperature dropping to below freezing over night, our fig finally dropped it's leaves, signalling the time to prepare it for winter.

After consulting online resources (thanks Youtube!), it seems that the US Thanksgiving weekend was, as predicted, the exact time of year that our tree was ready to get dressed for winter.

And, this is how we got 'er done:

1.  Gather Supplies:
  • shovel
  • paper garden waste bag
  • large bucket
  • twine
  • garden burlap
  • cardboard box
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • landscaping fabric
2.  Trim the branches down to encourage strong bushy growing habit (just above a bud on each stem)

3.  Wrap the tree in burlap and staple into place (careful not to staple the tree itself)

4.  Cover the tree in brown kraft paper (or, as our tree was so small, a paper garden waste bag)

5.  Cut the top off the paper bag

6.  Tie around the tree tightly with the twine

7.  Wrap a cardboard box tightly around the tree in a conical shape and tie in place with twine

8 & 9 .  Wrap a layer of landscape fabric around the tree, tie with twine and top with a large bucket (to prevent rain from getting in your tree's "cocoon".  Tuck the bark mulch up again the tree cocoon to prevent air/moisture getting in the bottom.

Et, voila!  20 minutes and the fig is dressed for winter.  Now, fingers crossed our system works and  she it survives ..... if not H might cry as he's been dreaming of home grown figs for years!

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