Friday, December 7, 2012

What I'm Hoping is Under the Christmas Tree- 2012 edition

December is here, and with it the holidays.  There are not a lot of needs in my life that I can't fulfill, but there are always a few little wanted things I have my eye on.  As everyone else is rushing around trying to find gifts for their loved ones, I thought my list of wants, might inspire some of you so ( I know other people's inspire me), so here's my wish list for 2012:

1.   Custom Portrait of our house- as it's our first house together, our little ranch will have a special place in our hearts forever.  This would also be great as a house warming gift.

2.  Portable hand vacuum (yes, I am a wife who wants avaccuum as a gift, does that make me weird?!), when dragging out the main vacuum is not needed, and with a dog in the house I'm guessing that will be happening more often!

3.  Vintage or vintage style oscillating table fan- I'd love a bright blue one!

4.  Digital SLR camera -  to take my photog skilz up a notch (and better capture action etc.).

5.  Self-healing mat for quilting- since mine bit the dust during the basement reno's floor installation

6.  A new carpet for our living room- With the room finally painted, it's time to really style and decorate it.  My faves are this and this.

Next up, the Casa Waffles gift guide for the foodie in your life (with help from my resident foodie!)

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