Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

OK, as promised..... As most of us have a foodie in our lives, H and I put our heads together to come up with a Foodie's gift guide.  These are pretty much all tried, tested (and typically used daily) by my resident (professional) chef- perfect for the recreational or hard-core cook in your life.

1.  Global knives- H uses these at work and at home.  He's used most brands and likes the quality of the knives and they are at a reasonable price point.  I like the polka-dot handles  ;)  Tip- They can be bought individually or in sets depending on what you are looking for.

2. Peugeot grinders- H has used their pepper grinders for years (and this year Sinterklaas brought him a Peugeot salt grinder).  They are now available in pretty much any colour in the rainbow, so are the perfect way to add a functional pop of colour to any kitchen.

3.  Bamix immersion blender- the mac daddy of hand blenders.  Sadly we don't have one of these babies for our house yet, we are waiting for our cheapo one that I've had since university to die on us!

4.  Plain White dishes- not only are they timeless, they also make your food look the best.  We have several sets of white china, including this Sophie Conran design which was our wedding set.

5.  Mortar and Pestle- Great for grinding up herbs and spices (or even candycanes for peppermint cookies!).  We have a granite one, but they come in marble, ceramic etc.

6.  Fresh Herbs - No chef worth their salt does not prefer to cook with fresh herbs, so why not pick up some herb plants at your local garden center.  Pair them with some cute plant pots for a window sill or wall (hmmm, I think those planters should be added to my wish list!) and you've got a gift any foodie would love.

Note: We were not perked in any way for these recommendations.  None of these companies know who the heck we are, they are just products we know and love.

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