Friday, December 14, 2012

Making Merry

I'm a big Christmas freak fan, and I love how this time of year brings everyone together.  So, I wanted to think of a fun get together for our friends to spend an evening together and get in the festive spirit.  H and I got our creative hats on and hosted a cookie decorating party for 15 adults and 2 kids this week.

We baked up 4 batches of cookies (2x sugar cookies and 2x gingerbread cookies), made some snacks (crab cakes and Christmas Morning Wifesaver) and whipped up some festive drinks (mulled wine and eggnog), to get the party started!

We asked everyone to bring their favourite treats to decorate with, and we had such an amazing selection of candies and sprinkles, it was fun to see all the different kinds of little sweets out there, and what combinations others like-- like pretzels, icing, chocolate, and candies all on one sugar cookie !

We set up a few decorating stations in our living and dining room, making sure each area had a selection of icing and goodies, and then set everyone free to create some magic.

Lucky for us, everyone got really into it and had a blast creating their edible art, even our youngest participants, who were surprisingly skilled with the icing bag! 

The whole evening was a blast, and I think might become a Christmas tradition.  But, next year I need to bake less cookies, we ended up waaaay over estimating.  Lucky for us, our friends and colleagues were kind enough to help us with the leftovers ;)

And, my struggle to get clear images in low light, just proves why I needs a new camera (hint hint)...

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