Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feeling Cozy.... again

Our holiday this year had a pretty limited handmade factor to it, partly because I havn't been spending much time in my craft room, and partly because we switched up our family gift giving to be in a Secret Santa format to limit the number of gifts (and $) we were spending as our family grows in number. 

My Sectret Santa partner put in a special request that I was happy to oblige her with.  She wanted a tea cosy, and was willing to give out bonus points given if it was handmade.

So, before the holidays I whipped up a personalized tea cosy for my tea drinking, chihuahua loving Secret Santa partner (with the help of some festive EggNog of course!).

Like last time, I used thermal batting, which in my opinion is totally worth the few extra bucks as it does an amazing job at keeping the tea warm) combined with and some bright fun fabric- including a healthy dose of a fun dog print fabric.  A little ric rac trim later (I mean seriously... who doesn't love ric rac?!) and two beads with an S and a V on them (my initials) later and it was ready to wrap up and put under the tree.

Working on this cosy got me back to thinking about the 2nd tea cozy I had planned out for H and I.... I guess it's time to spend a bit more time and energy in the craft room to stop procrastinating on all of the planned out and partially finished projects that are lurking in there!

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