Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keeping the Memory alive- quilting

So... the memory quilt is almost complete.  I spent another Sunday with my Mom while H was working an extra shift quilting the "sandwich".  I had started quilting it on my own, but the weight of the quilt (top is sweatshirt material, cotton batting, and flannel backing was a bit too much for me to wrestle on my own, so we tag teamed it with Mama Waffles helping to move the bulk of the quilt while I "drove". with the two of us working on it it was a much quicker and smoother process, definitely recommended for any one else out their attempting a sweatshirt quilt.

I managed to get the quilting completed and one side of the binding attached. However, typical me I got so focused on the job at hand that I once again forgot to take pics during the process.  Luckily for me Mama Waffles snapped a few "for the blog!".

Hah, check out that intense face, that's what happens when I sew with my slave driver Mom who wouldn't let me have lunch until the binding was attached ;)
So now it's just a few evenings of hand sewing and name patch making ahead of me, and then I'll officially be able to call this bad boy done!  And yes, before it gets packaged up for it's recipient, I'll take lots of detail pick of some of the fun things we incorporated into the quilt.

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