Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Help from my Friends

Hello Bloggyland,

I am hoping one of you can help me... for my parents' cabin I have been working on my Secret Quilt and the time has come to pick backing fabrics. I have been looking at the Shimmer of the Sea fabric by R. Kaufman in the blue and white colourway.
I have never seen it IRL and I was hoping one of you might have. I am a bit hesitant to buy about 3 meters of the stuff blind especially as it is going to be a family heirloom-- a.k.a I'll see it all the time so if I'm not happy with it it will drive me nuts! Any thoughts??

The quilt front is going to be a Union Jack (my parents are originally British), but I wanted a fun but somewhat "mature" sea/water themed fabric on the back to tie in with the seaside cabin location- but still work with the red white and blue front. Do you guys have any other suggestions??


  1. Hmm, sorry, I have never heard of that Kaufman's sea fabric, but it is very pretty.

  2. I've not heard of that fabric either, but I like it alot. When I'm out today, I'll ask around and see if I can't find a swatch for you. Love the front of the quilt, too.

  3. Hi, again. I looked at my favorite 4 quilting stores today, and no one had this fabric. Either it's too new (Utah seems to be a bit behind the times - about 20 years it seems sometimes) or they just didn't know of Kaufman. Sorry. But I like it in the picture. I'm sure it will look nice on the back of your quilt.

  4. Thanks for trying Elaine, that was really sweet of you. Sounds like Belgium is right up there with Utah when it comes to being up to date with fabrics!

  5. Haven't seen this one yet -- maybe at the IQS in Chicago next month? Otherwise, what about a batik with a watery theme?


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