Sunday, February 21, 2010

Round 2 goes to Crafty Waffles

I made a second attempt at designing a paper pieced pattern, this time a house for Santa- I went with the theory that more straight lines = easier to plan.

Having learnt a few valuable lessons from my previous attempt, like carefully planning the order of the pieces to make sure that each piece can be added with only 1 stitch line... (yeah, duh!), I went back to work.
And voila... may I present Santa's house

A bit Swiss cottage meets Swedish farmhouse I think. And yeah, it couldn't be a straightforward house, it needed to have a bit extra. I had a great wood print fabric that would be perfect for the house... and the front entrance was a bit bare so I added in some trees (again... overacheiver anonymous here!)... so, it quickly went from a simple plan to a rather complex one, will I ever learn?!

Luckily this time the execution went much better, I could even say perfectly (woohoo, chest thump and a high five!)... there is no doubt I think that THIS is a house!

Even H gave his seal of approval, which says a lot! My only minor dissapointment is that it doesn't look too Christmas-y... but then again I suppose that penguins aren't exactly your typical Christmas fare either!

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