Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catching up: Part 3

My sewing catch-up marathon continues... I was up to date with my Bee duties before leaving Belgium, but since arriving in Vancouver the blocks have been piling up. It seems that as soon as I get one done, a new package arrives!

This is part 2 of Carmen's tree request, this time pine trees in lime, simple raw edge applique

Then was Erin's block using her floral print and adding our own complementary fabrics and choosing our own design. I went with the classic Geese pinwheel design. It was a bit of a stretch for my stash, but I think it works.
And finally, last week was the September meeting for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. Our challenge was to make a flying geese block in lime, aqua, teal, and navy with a plain white background, and make another block using the leftovers- it's crazy how many different designs you can make with little triangles. I went for a patched square look, I think it's be a great design for a full quilt.... maybe a rainbow of blocks?
Speaking of the VMQG meeting, I brought Jack along, he was very well behaved during "Show and Tell", good boy Jack!

Photo by the uber talented Sonja


  1. Doesn't it feel good to get caught up? I think our VMQG flying geese quilt is going to look great - it was amazing how well the challenge blocks went together!

    Thanks for sharing Jack!

  2. jack is gorgeous! it was wonderful to see him!

    i should have read your blog before i commented on flickr, but i guess that means the idea of a full quilt using your scrap block is a good one!

  3. Love the first trees! I love the simplicity of the raw edge.


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