Monday, March 14, 2011

Tea and crumpets anyone?

Although my parents are both British, I consider myself 100% Canadian. However, I think my British heritage is sneaking through, because of all the aprons in the world, I chose this beauty....

Anthropologies Tea and Crumpets apron, as my guide for the apron sew-along. Since I'm using a bulk manufactured apron as my inspiration, I have no pattern to follow. My plan, is to fly by the seat of my pants improvise as I go. Considering that I have very limited clothing sewing skills - my last attempt about 8 years ago went horribly amiss, this is probably another one of my less brilliant hair brained ideas. But hey, nothing ventured nothing gained right?! ... right?!

My supplies for the project were super cheap thanks to my local Fabricland's renovation sale... $1.99 for an apron pattern to hopefully help me figure out how the heck to build a multi-piece apron, and 3 fabrics. I think the fabrics were a whopping $3/meter for the plains - the orange is poly cotton, sorry all you quilters for the fabric blasphemy, but it was all I could find in a coordinating fabric, that rusty orange colour was a b*&ch pain in the bum to match, but I think I did pretty well-, and $4.5/m for the printed one. I figure that for $15, it's worth a shot.
The plan is that the blue and orange print will be the main skirt (hello.... a plain fabric for the skirt of an apron, what the *beep* was Anthrpologie thinking?! Well I guess they were thinking of aesthetics, not how real people actually cook, but I digress... Anyways, the blue will be the skirt with the orange solid as the trim, I love me some contrasting trim), and the ivory will be for the top, not sure if I'll do the ruffles on the top or not.... Hah, who am I kidding, I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull off a reasonable imitation of the original, let alone worry about ruffle trim!

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