Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Going to Pot!

I've been branching out into a new hobby... yeah I needed a new hobby like a hole in the head!!

It's something I did as a kid, and had been wanting to try out again. For Christmas H surprised me with a course at our local Rec Center (heehee, it seems that nagging overt hints do pay off sometimes!).

This year has been a real rollercoaster for us what with moving, marriage, and both of us getting new jobs.... oh yeah, and living with my parents for the last 10 months I thought H needed something special to show how much I appreciate him. So, as a bit of a thankyou, I made a special something for H for Valentine's day...

Using my new skills on the pottery wheel, and our vintage printers blocks, I made him a special mug. "LJU" is an inside thing for us, and stands for "Love Just You"... it's actually engraved in our wedding bands.

A little something special to make our future house our home. Love you honey, mwuh!

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