Friday, February 25, 2011

Criss Cross

No, this isn't an ode to the musicians who brought "Jump" to the world... Well, technically I think they were Kriss Cross anyway, but whatever...

But alas, it is instead an ode to my latest quilt project, a baby quilt for my friend Sam's new little boy Evan. The blog has been pretty quiet recently, because I have been busy whipping all these little green scraps into....

You might recognize the block, it's a modified version of this block I made for one of my bees. I loved it when I made it last year and filed it away for a future project.

Thiis time I changed it up and did charcoal and green with a little bit of white for drama. Sam arrived last week for her one month visit from Ottawa, so I better put the pedel to the metal to get it done before they head home.

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