Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quilt Bee Blocks: February

It feels like I've been living out of a suitcase recently due to a lot of business trips. But yesterday was a day just for me, well for me and my sewing machine :)

Kandra from MMSB asked if anyone was willing to make an extra block, which I hapily signed up for. It seems with this pattern practise makes perfect better as I was able to match up the black seams much better vs. my first block.

Next up was an Amish block for Gretchen in SC3. I decided to try the Swing in the Centre block from Block Central.

One big blearning point for me was that I should of worked with a darker thread... luckily it's not too obvious unless it's stretched.

With my "orders" complete I was able to tackle a small project for myself. Most of the blocks have come in for my picnic quilt, so I got started on the filler blocks. I personaly had never made the blocks I had challenged the MMSB'ers to make, so this was also my first wonky word.

I think that the "Y" needs a bit of a tweek as it looks a little apart from the rest, but in general I fould it to be a fun style (my bee members also seemed to really enjoy it)-- just as well as I have aboutseveral more words that will need to be made to finish the quilt.

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