Friday, April 1, 2011

Swap Stress

What is it about creating things for other crafty folks that gets one in a tizzy? This Kitchen swap has me turning my wheels, so much so that I resorted to posting this on the group Flickr site:

"Okay, I'm gonna put it out here.... trying to pick out fabrics that my partner is going to lurv, is causing me some stress. Am I the only one suffering from Swap Selection Anxiety?? Anyways, partner-o- mine, how does this palette tickle your pickle? I'm totally not married to it, I'm actually already thinking of plan "B" as I type.... eeek! Whada ya think. I know that not everyone is a pink kinda person (me being one of them), so please let me know:

1. Do you likey the fabrics?

2. Would you rather purple than pink, or are both ok with you?

3. Are you thinking "yikes" what is that chick thinkin' that is not my style?

Don't worry about my feelings, I promise not to be offended, honest, I pinky swear!! "

Sigh...... I'm working on plan "B", I figure I've got to love it so I'm sticking more to my comfort colours.

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