Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How did I manage to start a collection of these things?!

Umm..... so I'm not sure how it's happened, but I've accidentally started a vintage Singer collection. My newest acquisition was totally by accident (happy accident, but an accident none the less). Since most of our stuff is in storage, and we are making my parent's house look like a hoarder lives there (remember this post?), I've put myself on a furniture purchasing ban. The only allowed exceptions were bedside tables, and outdoor furniture since we had a shortage/none respectively. I was in the local Sally Ann, and ran across this...

A perfectly cute solid wood bedside table, simple but with a little detail to jazz it up, sweet! The next thing I noticed was the price....

Yup, $49.99 and then an extra 20% off, bringing it in a $40, double sweet. I pulled it out of the pile of furniture for a closer look, and thought to myself, dang this thing is heavy! After a little investigation I figured out why....... there was something hiding inside it...

Yup, my little bedside table is actually a portable sewing table by Mr Singer! I thought to myself, $40 for a table with a vintage sewing machine, triple sweet!!! bring it on baby bring it home baby!!

My little table is quite the transformer, they sure do not make things like they used to... not only is this thing super ingenious, it also is totally portable since the legs screw off and them it's just a wooden box, with the sewing machine safely tucked inside!

This one is Celia's younger sister since she is from 1936, but as she's electric (vs Celia's hand wheel), and in full working order, I may actually use this one. According to what I've found online, I have a No. 49 Cabinet, and she's come with all her parts, including the knee control (goodbye shin splints from a day putting the pedal to the metal), and it's Singer task light. There is one mystery part we are still trying to figure out what it is for.... apparently a friend of my Mom's learnt to sew on the identical machine, so I am hoping she can solve the mystery for me.

Now, I am just working on cleaning her up a bit, you know how much we enjoy stripping at Casa Waffles ;)

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