Friday, June 19, 2009

Easy to Please

Living in a foreign country can sometimes be a challenge... one of the things I find most frustrating is knowing where to buy things. I always have a hitch when trying to track things down- like where do you buy office supplies, is there a place like Staples.... if yes what the heck is the shop called (or what the heck is the item called for that matter) and where can I find it?!

I'm pretty lucky in that I get to travel throughout Europe for work, and Belgium is really central so getting around in Europe is really easy for holidays but I'm always sure I miss out on some great quilting shops (I mean, fabric shopping on holiday/business trips is a souvenir so it doesn't count as adding to the stash right?!). When I stumbled across this site that has an interactive map of quilt shops in most of Western Europe (including a bunch I didn't even know about in Belgium) I did a inner happy dance. Now with this lovely website I can do a bit of pre-research and satisfy my fabric needs, poor H doesn't even see it coming!!

So if you are on this side of the pond, or are coming here for a visit, now you are also in the loop (you can tell your significant others that it's all my fault!).

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