Friday, January 4, 2013

This Little Light of Mine

With our basement done, and the upstairs projects underway, we my dear sweet handy father finally got around to poking me with a big stick and we got a simple item crossed off the list that had been annoying the heck out of me since the dawn of time since we moved in ....... changing out our kitchen light(s).

With the purchase of our house we inherited two bleh light fixtures.  Although we were thankful that they worked (yup, there's a silver lining for ya), they in no way 'went' together in any stretch of the imagination.   My least favourite, was what I dubbed the "spaceship light" in the main kitchen area... the large rectangular fluorescent light by the sink- ugg!

Followed closely by it's neighbour the "Roman Special" the forest green faux aged copper wanna be over the eating area!

Note: you can tell my immense love for these fixtures since the only pics I can find are from our home inspection day 1.5 yrs ago!)

Months and months ago, I scored a great large (14" diam) retro-clean lined-tastic opaque glass globe light from our local Restore for a whopping $7.50- win!  But instead of doing anything with it, it languished in the black hole (aka the bookcase area of our hallway).  To be honest I'm totally amazed the darn thing survived considering the lack of care we took with it.

The other night during one of their visits to see us help us on our never-ending to do list, my Dad and I decided to just get 'er done (notice a new trend around here?  Less procrastinating/thinking and more doing, I love it, but I'm not sure H is always so keen!!).  So,  down came our "spaceship light", and up went my almost free treasure..... and what a treasure she is.  Daytime or night time, she floats my boat!  In the evening she looks like the moon, with a great warm glow perfect for ambiance and task lighting.

Can I get an oooooohhh and an aaaaahhhhh?!  I mean, hello ... that's so much better no?!  The only problem with the new light is that I now want to:
  1. Get a matching one for the eating area- man I got a great deal on that baby!
  2. Repaint the kitchen ceiling (we have outlines of the old lights)
  3. If we re-paint the ceiling we may as well re-paint the whole room
  4. If we are doing all that why not switch out our hated (by me) sink?!
  5. .....
Gotta love the renovation snowball effect!

For now we threw up a smaller brassy topped globe that I picked up on Freecycle over the eating area, so for the short term I no longer have to stare at the Roman Special.

And already if you squint your eyes, you can see how it will look when we have two matching lights...


 PS- We managed to sell the old Spaceship light on Craigslist, which means we are $30 closer to getting a second one.... only another $100-ish to go!

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