Get to Know Us

Who is She and her He?

She is Sarah:

  • Canadian
  • the Crafty one
  • Bi-lingualish (English and Dutch)
  • Office worker by day, and a DIY blogger by night
  • Outgoing dreamer
  • Planner and chief list maker
  • loves all things potato (and almost anything He makes)
  • the baker in residence

  He is Hendrik:

  • Belgian (Flemish) --aka the Waffle
  • A quiet realist
  • Tri-lingual (Dutch, French, and English)
  • Chef by day (and night) and Her fellow DIY-er by night
  • The follower
  • loves all things chocolate


Are making their home in a 60's ranch in North Vancouver, Canada and are making it their own one project at a time... and doing their best to make sure not too much gets lost in translation!

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