Friday, September 20, 2013

A New Addition

Last Monday was a big day around here, we finally got to meet our little girl!   She held out an extra week and a half beyond her due date (Aug 31st), but the wait was worth it.  So,  I'd like to officially introduce you to....

Even after "baking" for an extra few days, she was quite small, so all of her clothing is pretty baggy at the moment, but I know soon enough that she will be outgrowing everything at a mommy tear inducing rate.

We are back home from the hospital, H is back at work, and I have started my new "job" as SAHM..... it still hasn't really soaked in that this is my life and routine for the next year.    But I know that the time we are offered in Canada for maternity leave is something to really appreciate (in Belgium you get 3-6 months, and our southern neighbours only get 6 weeks!)

On Monday Maya and I did her first photo shoot, it's amazing how much she, and we, have changed over the past week and a half.  And I am doing my best to capture on film all the little newborn details that may/will change as she ages.

There has been a lot of things going on before she arrived as well as some exciting things since she arrived, so once I catch my breath I'll be filling you in on everything.


  1. Congratulations from Belgium! Welcome to the world little girl. You all look fantastic.

  2. Congratulations on the arrival of baby Maya! I hadn't checked in on your blog for a long time and your new baby is a happy surprise for me!


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