Friday, February 24, 2012

Guest Bed inspiration

For ages now H has been hankering after a traditional chesterfield sofa, ala this

Although I love the history of this sofa, to me it always gives a 'mens smoking club' kinda feel.... especially in dark leather.  So, I got to work using my wifely charms to convince H that our mid-century house needed a more modern approach to be play nicely with its surroundings.

My proposed version was a chesterfield in fabric, ideally something like this.

After days of scouring the local furniture shops/the interweb for a new (or new to us) chesterfield that would suit both of us by being:
  • Practical (I'm honestly not so sure about those deep tufts I'm worried they will be dust/stuff collectors and hard to clean when something gets spilt on it)
  • Comfortable for lying down while watching TV (H)
  • Aesthetically pleasing in its own right as well as in our space (me)
  • Leather (H)
  • Not Leather (me)
  • Small enough to fit our room
  • Not crazy expensive (hello, have you seen sofa prices these days, nutso!)
... we weirdly enough ended up both falling for a totally other style, yup, you could say another style had us at hello!

While the fat lady hasn't sung yet on the great sofa debate (aka we haven't bought anything due to el budgeto being strapped from the basement reno), and because we do both love the tufted look, I think I have found a new place to bring it into our home... 

In our spare bedroom.... what, you didn't see that coming?!

Well, while hanging out with my bloggy friends lazing about when I should have being doing something productive, I  found this tutorial on making a button tufted headboard.  And, wouldn't you know it, I happen to have a perfect candidate for this treatment.

Do you remember this bed? It's kinda like the more formal cousin of the one in the tutorial (we also have that bed's fraternal twin hidden in our basement I think!!)

Anyways, I digress...  I'll let you in on a secret, I've never been a fan of the headboard fabric and, even though everyone else who's 'met' our bed seems to disagree with me (I'm assuming that they are just being polite), have been plotting its makeover since the day I bought it years ago.  I find the fabric kinda too outdated for me and generally not a "wow" enough statement.  Now to decide the colour scheme for that room, and then find the fabric.... lucky for me I like fabric shopping,

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