Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Something to remember

In the past four months H has unfortunately unexpectedly lost both of his grandparents. This weekend we were asked to stop by their old house to see what we would like to have and help sort out their things.

During the organizing of their house I stumbled across a few gems, including these...

But, my most favourite thing I/we got to take home were a few of the hand embroidered baby bibs that his grandma had made for her children back in the 1940's.

Each one is different. Some with embroidered words like the one above ("lieveling" loosely translates to sweetheart), or patterned fabrics with no embroidered words. Considering their age and that they made it though Oma and Opa's three kids, and then sat in storage for the last 50 odd years they are in amazing condition. H and are already planning to one day frame one and hang it in the baby's room (Emphasis on One Day! We aren't pregnant or planning to be in the near future... so no rumours please!).

Lucky for me there are not any other sewers in the family so I got to take home all the sewing related stuff- a full supply of knitting gear (Hmm... maybe I should get my Mom, the knitting guru, to teach me next time I am home), old sheets- hello retro quilt!, and other paraphernalia.

What else did we find you ask....? Well I think his Grandma must have had shares in Tupperware because she has the largest collection I have EVER seen. She had 35 sandwich sized Tupperwares alone!! I would guess she must have bought over 1000EUR worth of Tupperware during the years (it wasn't even all of the old "harvest gold' variety- she had some brand new ones as well! So, thanks to Oma and Opa our Tupperware collection has grown exponentially!

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