Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jack is back

So, The Secret Quilt, aka "Jack" as he's become known at chez Craftywaffles is done. Ok, just the top is done, so I guess I should say half done. I hung it up to take some picture and love it.... could you make a patchwork curtain?? Maybe a bit too country for me? Hmmmmm...

He's going to be shelved for a while as I have a baby quilt to get started on for a friend- deadline July... yeah it's a while away but I'm not the speediest quilter. I still havn't decided if I'm gonna risk machine quilting it on my little Frister and Rossman!

My productivity hasn't just been on Jack, I have also finished up my April block for SC3. Amy sent over some super cute fabrics for her picnic quilt. As soon as I saw the ant fabric I had a eureka moment and knew I wanted to have the ants marching around the block in a little ant trail. Because of all the seams, it used a lot more fabric then I expected so I had to scrimp a bit to get it done as well as walk away vs keep fussing with it- but that's part of the fun of this quilting bee, working with "un-me" fabrics and working with what you've got on hand- it seems to be helping my OCD tendancies!


  1. I love my block so much, thank you. It is the cutest thing.

  2. the idea of a "picnic quilt" and especially the ants walking around. Good job, Sarah.

  3. Jack looks fantastic! So dreamy!


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