Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So, we are now 1.5 weeks into my holiday and my time has been filled up with a lot of this...

visting our wedding venue, for the first time ever!!, luckily it's even more gorgeous in person :)

debates over the merits of square vs. round centerpieces, dress colours (yes, I've found my dress!), etc., as well as Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, Christmas... seriously mind boggling in such a short period of time-- and soooo much left to do!!

But, over the weekend, my family H and I headed up for a much needed wedding free "time-out", filled with skiing and boarding for the boys, and a relaxing few days for my Mom and I sleeping in and wandering around Whistler.

During said wandering we stumbled across a florist who was throwing out some Christmas stuff that I guess he didn't want to store until next year... Not opposed to a little bit-o-dumpster diving (well, since it was in plastic bags just outside their closed store I don't really consider that dumpster diving...), we started rifling through the bags and picking our loot... What did we find you ask? Well... this!

Only 13 garlands of real pine cones, cinnamon, berries, and greenery (front left and behind the garbage bag on the floor)... 16 garlands of berries, faux pine greenery, and pine cones (sofa left) , about 40 pre-wired real pine cones, about 15 green glass ornaments, and white faux berries (in the garbage bag on the floor), 1 faux pine garland, and 2 sets of working white outdoor LED Xmas lights with extension cable (sofa right) .... (Seriously, that picture totally does not do it all justice!). We estimate at least $200 worth of stuff, for ..... FREE! Merry Christmas to me!!

And don't worry, the next day we checked with the florist if they were okay with us taking the bags...


  1. Score! There doesn't seem to be much of a push for Christmas decorating here in Belgium. :(

  2. Nice score! Tee hee! Just thought it would be fun to post a comment and then see you IN PERSON in less than half an hour!!!!


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