Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Does your Garden Grow?

With winter finally deciding to ease up on us (well... since we had a bit of snow this morning, maybe it's just wishful thinking...?), my mind has started shifting to getting our outside space whipped into some semblance of shape. I've bee stalking the gardening section of our local library scouring books for inspiration. Part of my garden plan has been tracking down some ideas for modern trellising for the big blank side wall of our house.... and to be honest it's been pretty tough to find some nice contemporary clean lined but a bit ... different... designs.  The Ikea metal trellis we got for our Brussels apartment few years ago is still going strong, but is too small for the side our new house (if only I'd planned ahead and bought more when it was still available, curses!!).  It won't be going to waste, I already have plans for it!... but we need something bigger. 

I did have some luck tracking some excellent ( I think) inspiration, and I thought that some of you might me on a similar hunt, so here are my faves.

This sexy wall mounted steel number which comes in eight different colours and could add a great pop of colour to our forgotten side garden.  There's no info on price... so I'm guessing this is one of those "if you have to ask you can't afford" type scenarios!

This one be the same company as the one above, has a great sculptural feel and is modular which is a bonus.

I also found this more traditional, but way easier to DIY, wood and wire design by a local Vancouver garden designer.
And this Mondrian-esque (which we know I am a fan of) one which which even comes with how to instructions, including all the measurements!  It could easily be added upon over time if more trellis space is needed, and since it's pretty even without plants on it, I could see it painted a bright colour to make a real statement in the winter.

This honeycomb design comes in both both a wall mount and ground mounted version, I love the organic (and expandable/flexible) nature of it.

I have my fave, what about you?  Have you seen any other great modern/contemporary garden trellis designs out there? Please share

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  1. Wow! Some nice options here! I think the wood and wire design is very Vancouver/West Coast and I like it for that reason. I think the Mondrian-esque one is very interesting and would go well with your house. The hexagonal one is also very nice. Sorry, that doesn't really help, does it?


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