Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Half way already? .... How the heck did that happen?!

So, H and I were chatting last week, and we realized that we were coming up to week 20 of our pregnancy, aka the half way point!

At first I was fine with that, and then I started to get all angst-y worrying that we weren't going to be ready in time, as between work, a ~3 week vacation to Europe  and my decreasing mobility/agility, I know the time will be flying by.   So, to somewhat ease my worries, this weekend operation Get Ready for Baby went into overdrive.

What did that look like you ask?!:

  • Containing the chaos that has been my sewing area- especially as the "office/ sewing room" is now a "spare room/office/sewing room" - with so many functions in one relatively small space, organization  is key to making sure our guests don't get drowned in quilting fabric!
    • It's taken ages so far and is still in progress!
  • Getting started on the refurb/beautification of the first of our DIY nursery projects, a nine drawer mid century dresser which, when we picked it up, was looking pretty roughed up and drab.

  • Followed by recruiting a helper (aka my dad), to assist H in cutting down the new to us bi-fold doors for the nursery and above mentioned spare room/office/sewing room, as neither of these rooms have had closet doors since we moved in and removed the wood louvered ones almost 2 years ago!   This is even more sad pathetic considering that we had bought replacements ..... last year  (hanging head in shame).  
    • Now, to paint them.... and then hang them!

  • And finally..... ordering parts for our DIY nursery mobile.

Lot's more details (and pics) to come!

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