Monday, April 27, 2009

To spray or not to spray...

balcony before (the window to the left is our living room)

So this was the lovely view of one half of our balcony.... yeah- kinda blah, I thought so too! It's long and skinny (about 1m wide by 6m long). Now, I have my lovely new trellis all set up in our seating area (soon to be hammock area- lazy summer Sunday's here I come,woohoo!). I left it the original stainless steel colour to see it in situ before committing to painting because I am too impatient to wait until it is painted. But I still think I'm going to have to take it apart to spray it because I want it to have more impact.

balcony now

I know that eventually it will be hidden by the plant, but I don't want it blending into the wall the rest of the year. I am thinking charcoal or black to go with the planters and contrast with the blah colour of the wall (not sure what colour it is supposed to be- I call it "Pollution Grey")- or maybe something more punchy like red, hmmmm... gotta think about this a bit more. Normally I'd paint the wall it sits on, but as this is a rental apartment and we are hoping to move out of soon (into a place of our own, woohoo!), I can't be bothered.

Now I just have to convince H that we need to make yet another run to the hardware store for metal paint...
In more crafty news, the rest of the fabric for my zig zag quilt has arrived (and the mermaid fabric for Jack), so I'm off to make lots and lots of triangles! Will update soon.

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