Friday, July 30, 2010

Making a runner for it! ..... and my first giveaway !!

Sorry to disappoint, but as far as I know neither H or I planned to do a runner before the wedding... the runners in question were table runners for the reception.

From early on in the wedding planning progress, I wanted to make as many things myself as possible for the wedding- for both the cost efficiency and personalization factor. One of the things that was on my to make list was table runners. Somewhere in the wonderful world of online fabric shopping I first stumbled upon this fabric by Paula Prass- a gorgeous yellow-y lime coloured trellis print, the perfect summery colour to make our wedding "colours" pop (lime, pewter and white for those of you interested in those kind of things).

So, with a week before our house was invaded by 8 of H's family, and 7.5 meters of this print and a plain pewter grey coloured fabric for the border-'cuz I couldn't just do a simple 1 fabric runner now could I!- in tow, my mom and I set about planning the 9 table runners we would need for our 72 person wedding.

After whipping up a test model, in which we tested the measurements, and determined that mitered corners were the best plan, were were pretty quickly able to put together the 5 long runners and 4 square runners for the reception tables. To fit banquet tables for 10 people they were long suckers, thank goodness for ping pong tables!

Our professional pictures are not in yet, but here you can see a sneak peek of them (and H and I) in action.

The leftovers of the lime fabric will be going in the back of my Mondrian quilt to serve as a memory for H and I for years to come.

But, in the meantime... I'm left with 9 table runners. So, I thought to celebrate our big day that sharing the wealth is in order.

If you are interested in winning one of these table runners, leave a comment and tell me the craziest thing you did during your wedding (or other party) planning/preparations, and and I will pick a winner on Aug 14th. Oh, don't forget to include an e-mail address where I can contact you in case you win!



  1. Your runners look great. I think the craziest thing I did during my wedding planning was to get into a discussion with Thomas about having a kayak wedding. Thank goodness it didn't happen, but he wanted to have the wedding guests on a dock and the bride, groom, and other people in the wedding in kayaks in a river or lake. Wouldn't my pretty wedding dress just look great after that? :) Hope all is going well in Canada.

  2. I love that you added so many personal touches to your wedding! You two look great and the room is beautiful (love the view of the garden)! I love that trellis fabric and have it in aqua, pink and melon, but not the lime green!

    My crazy wedding planning moment is similar to your first poster's. I was set on having the wedding ceremony take place on top of a mountain that required a three-hour hike to get to. I think at one point, we even considered helicoptering in the grandparents!

  3. Ooooh! I love your table runners! As you know, I've never planned a wedding, so how about just "the craziest thing I've seen" at a wedding? It happened at a wedding I was working at as a server and involved some VERY drunk bridesmaids, an equally intoxicated groomsman, and a chocolate fountain. I'll say no more!

  4. While helping one of my best friends plan her wedding the groom wanted very traditional but she wanted more personal touches. They comprimised on a lot but my favorite part was the music for coming down the isle. Me and the rest of the bridesmaids walked to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, the bride walked down to one of her favorite Beatles songs. Their son, the ring bearer, (who was 4 and OH SO ADORABLE) practically ran down the isle to the Batman theme song (his favorite superhero) singing nananananana batman the whole way!! Cutest thing I have ever seen at a wedding!!


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