Monday, July 5, 2010

Radio Silence

Testing testing...... is anybody there?? Sorry for the silence here on the blog, but we have been insanely busy here at Casa Waffles (seriously not joking herre peoples!!)

Over the last few weeks we were doing a lot of this....

Crossing our fingers while it all came out of our apartment like this... (scary, eh!)

To then be packed up in this bad boy.... before taking a long boat ride to Canada (sorry, no pics of that, aparently Harbour Control doesn't like people jumping fences to keep tabs on their containers of goodies... --joking! )
Since arriving in Canada just over a month ago, I've been running around like a chicken with no head to get ready for a very special event. Lot's of crafting was involved, so I'll have plenty of stories, tutes etc, to regale you with once things calm down around here --we have a house full of Belgians at Casa del Mom and Dad at the moment, so my free time is a almost non-existant, but in 2 weeks they will be gone and I will be continuing my regulary scheduled programme....
Oh, why do we have so many visitors in Canada right now, and why have I been running around like a mad woman?? Well, here's a hint... this pic of H and I was taken a few days ago.


  1. Congratulations, Sarah! I've been thinking of you and I look forward to hearing more about your wedding! Enjoy this summer weather with your visitors!

  2. Congrats! Glad to hear the move and the wedding went well.

  3. You look beautiful in that photo, and love H's hat! Very suave! Congratulations. Please share more photos soon. Miss you in Brussels.

  4. I'm here! Was wondering when the first "post-wedding" post would appear. What a fun day/evening! xo


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