Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting in the Pros

With our bit of demo done, it was time to call in our contractor and his crew to get is through the tough stuff that as newbie home owners without serious skills in the reno department. we didn't want to try tackling, such as:

Tracing our drain line so we can connect our soon to be re-located laundry room (we were lucky in that our ram from our old laundry room and through the workshop next door- and lies about 1 meter from the new home of our washer and dryer!

Electrical- yup, we my dad can handle hanging lights and installing switches, but splitting our houses electrical into two separate panels (one for our part of the house, and another for the suite), as well as re-wiring the entire basement + adding new plugs and switches in the upstairs of our house meant we wanted to get in professional re-enforcements.

Plumbing- Considering that our old laundry room was never plumbed correctly (our washer used to drain into a giant concrete sink- the wooshing sound as it changed cycles could be heard throughout the house (and was not the most elegant or pleasant looking solution), and that we were making it into a proper kitchen, meant we signed up for a pro.  And it was just as well... once everything was exposed and the plumber started digging deeper, we discovered that our plumbing was "rotten" and had to be fully replace, yup, we had to replace all of the plumbing in (can you say 'spensive surprise? eek!)

Framing - adding doors, taking away doors, and extending rooms.

Capping off our forced air ducts that were running to the suite's rooms, since we had to separate the house and suite to meet code.

And all the while, our upstairs was looking like this....

Yeah, not exactly the living room of our dreams, or a spare bedroom we'd want any one to try ad sleep (or even walk in!)

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