Thursday, May 3, 2012

Keeping it Warm Down Under

With the pros all done on the behind the scenes work, it was our turn to put in some manual labour.  From hte get go, H and I had decided to do all that we could ourselves to keep the basement reno in check.  One of the things we knew we could handle was the insulation.  So, we did our homework, and tracked down insulation at he best price (Rona- and a weekend 10% off sale meant it ended up even cheaper than expected- bonus!). 

And then recruited the family to get 'er done!  And getting 'er done, meant insulating the exterior walls with standard fiberglass insulation batts (with an extra layer on the areas above the foundation to keep it extra warm), which are then covered with vapour barior, sealed the edges with sealant, and taped the seams with tuc tape.

And  greeny-grey Safe and Sound insulation in the ceiling and interior walls to cut down the sound between us and the tenant, because a quite tenant = happy homeowner (and since we are planning to start a family one day, I think future tenants will also agree!).

After a weekends worth of insulation, I can still feel the fiberglass prickle in those work clothes!!

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  1. This is great!!! Surely this will be more comfortable.. thanks for this blog! :)


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