Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Beast to Beauty

Do you remember that fugly chair we got from H's Mom (she found it in the basement of her work). When we got it it was 1 armed, the wood was blotchy coloured, and it had dirty sea foam green plastic upholstery, yeah it was quite the beastie...

Yup, that one (the photo doesn't even do justice to its yuckyness, honest).

I thought it was a lost cause, but as it matches the bench that we DO want, we thought it'd be a good test subject. H signed himself up for sanding and staining task (yup, he's just that sweet!).

Yeah, because of the dust sanding creates he had to do it on our 1m wide terrace, good times! Once that was done we re-attached the arm and H stained it.

Now that the body was intact, my job was upholstery. As I mentioned the other day, I scored some great deals at "Solden", and one of them was a great Merimekko-esque tree print upholster fabric for 5eur a meter (insert happy dance here!).

Armed with my trusty staple gun, (thanks mom!) and the new fabric I attacked that chair. The backrest really had me stumped as "correct" upholstery was leaving the cushion too big for the frame. But after scouring the blogosphere, I tracked down just the tutorial I needed (while also giving me an excuse to buy a glue gun). A little plastic and hot glue later, and ba-da-bing, the Beast has become a Beauty!
And 'cuz we all love a before and after shot

Now, if only we had enough space in our apartment to work on the bench...


  1. Wow! You two did an amazing job! I love the fabric you chose. And thanks for sharing that tutorial link!

  2. That looks great! And I love the tree fabric. Is that from the place on Porte de Namur?

  3. Hey Dallas,

    I got the tree fabric at another Maison Doree (one that is closer to us)

  4. It looks sooo great. Love the before and after. I'm seriously hoping that when we (finally) get a new place, you'll be in town to help with some decorating ideas.

  5. This is so wonderful....I am featuring it in my next post.



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