Monday, July 6, 2009

Tying it all together

For Vday this year H and I bought each other chairs. I'm personally not a huge Vday person and instead of blowing a bundle on roses (though they are always appreciated!), or dinner (why go out when I have my own personal chef?!), we choose to treat ourselves to something for our home. as a big Art Deco furniture fan, I'd been eyeing club chairs on the internet, but the cost made my cheap cost conscious self hesitate.

As much as I love the chairs, the dijon mustard-y yellow colour just wasn't grooving with the rest of the room. So, to help them play more nicely with their neighbours (in the interim before they get re-covered.... whenever that will be!), I whipped up a few projects over the last few days.

Thanks to "Solden" arriving in Belgium (the twice annual sales period-- January and July each year when EVERYTHING is on sale), I scored some co-ordinating fabrics for dirt cheap (like 5 eur for 3 meters kinda cheap!) to make my moose-tard chairs some friends.

And thanks to 16eur at Ikea I snagged a meter of another big bold print and 3 art frames for over the buffet.

I have another project in the works, thanks to some other fabric I found for the office chair... but for that you'll have to stay tuned.

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  1. Oh, you're good. You're real good! Love what you've done!


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